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SEMrush Integration with TapClicks

We’re excited to announce a new data integration with TapClicks, the world-class marketing dashboard and reporting platform that gives you access to data from up to 185 data sources, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter Ads and much more. Read more... SEMrush integration with TapClicks banner

Collaborate & Organize: The Marketing Calendar

“Teamwork is essential — it allows you to blame someone else,” as they say. However, we know that working together yields much better results, and running a marketing campaign, which requires planning, choosing a proper strategy, and setting goals and deadlines, is a clear example. Read more...

Marketing Calendar banner

Backlink Audit: Connect Majestic!

What good news! We are joining forces with Majestic – one of the world’s largest link index services, to provide you with even more link analytics! As you may know, different backlinks crawlers explore different parts of the Web. Also, SEO experts have long agreed that it's always better to use several information sources. This is why we geared up to such a partnership. Read more...

Majestic banner

Position Tracking: A New Featured Snippets Solution

We have recently talked about SERP Features and how great it is to have them supported in our Position Tracking tool. Now we have come up with a new solution for gathering all useful data regarding Featured Snippets in one place. Read more... 

Position Tracking FS banner

Content Analyzer: Full and Detailed Audit of Your Site’s Content

How relevant are your site’s pages for your target audience? Are you sure you’re properly monitoring your content? There’re always too many questions when it comes to website governance, and we proudly continue to respond with just one word – SEMrush. Read more...Content Analyzer banner

Link Building Tool: Open Beta

Today we’re celebrating another chapter in SEMrush’s history. Meet the brand new Link Building tool – your own research lab, which will give you everything you need at once to build effective link-building strategies for your site. Read more...

Link building tool banner

Keyword Magic Tool: Keyword Database Update

The more keywords that are available for keyword research, the more ideas you get for your articles and SEO or PPC campaign to beat the competition. With this in mind, we’ve expanded our Keyword Magic tool’s databases - our total number of keywords now exceeds 3.2 billion! Read more...

Keyword Magic tool keyword database update 3.2 bn banner

Post, Schedule and Analyze Your Social Media Content with Poster Tool

We’ve continued to develop our social media tools to better accommodate the complete workflow of social media marketers. And, with this release, we are excited to announce that you now have two social media tools in one SEMrush suite. Read more...

Social Media Poster open beta banner

Backlinks: New Opportunities in Competitors Analysis

It's always beneficial to learn more about your rivals in order to stay ahead of them. Knowing this, we’re all set to present another useful brick for your link-building activities. Meet the new Competitors report which we've recently embedded in our Backlinks service. Read more...

Backlinks Competitors report banner

Audit Your AMP Pages with Site Audit

While AMP pages are conquering mobile search results, it has become vital for SEO specialists to implement them correctly. If you've already implemented AMP on your site, it's important to audit them from time to time to ensure that they were set up in the optimal way to maintain mobile visibility. Read more...

Site Audit AMP pages checks

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